Hello Chobots,

This blog has not been posted on in forever and as most of you realise that closed down. A new Chobots was made called which left the users very polarised – they either loved the game and staff or either hated the game or the staff. 

A new Chobots is on the way, it is going through staff testing at the moment. The game is expected to be released towards the end of this month (June). is a game targeted to make everyone happy which has exceptional staff and has the game’s best interest as their goal. Get behind the game and show some support and love by liking the Facebook page!

Feel free to contact me on Skype if you have any other questions! 🙂

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Deliciouzz 200th Party And New Backgrounds!

G’day mate, Deli turned 200 today and it was awesome… Hiki did some cool mod magic.



The party was so enjoyable!! But wait there is more.

There are new moving backgrounds at magic shop…!! They are worth 1000 coins each but worth it. 😛

In Other News: Joe is turning 300 in less then 15 days so we need to make a party for him and me (will) turns 300 in 20 days. So we need to get party ready… Please Comment what you think we need and what mods and stuff.


New Clothing Items And Mimo Suit For Sale?

Hiya guys, Will here posting on new clothing item… Well there are 2 new clothing item but in one of the catalogs there is the OLD mimo suit.


Never knew that… Also there is 2 new items:



Anyway hope you enjoy my chobots cheats.


Nicho Party!

Hey Guyz ^_^ Well we had nicho party and it was pretty enjoyable. But Hiki got there a little bit late. But it didn’t matter. There chobots got out numbered by the nicho’s.


My computer was very laggy as well… Coz everyone kept asking for rain and stuff. So I couldn’t get anymore pictures.


Nicho Party!

G’day Guys, Whats Doin?? Well if you ask me i’m getting prepared for nicho party. It is at 21:00 Chobot Time, Shop Square.. But don’t know what server. 😐 Dress violet and purple and stuff like that.




Chobot Wadrobe and Choproff Is Back! :P

Heyo. joe here… well lemme see Choproff is back and u get heaps of coins. Hehe.. Here is what he looks like if u are unsure:

choproffHe is located in academy.

Also have you ever wanted to see a mods wadrobe? well now u can. Just click the link below:



Hiya Chobots, Will is here.. hehe! We finally got 900 followers!


The party will be at 21:00 Cho Time, Shop Square on 25th.

Hope ya come.



G’day mate, i’m joe. i will be posting on this blog from now on. 🙂 well… i will post things like parties and agent news and stuff. im so excited to be working on this site. i hope you are excited im working on here. if u would like to look below it is a picture of meh.


Hope ya enjoy me stay.


Chobots Pet Contest!


Hiya.. Chobots will here. 😛 Hehe. Today there was a pet contest but I missed it. 😥 but some of you guys were there. Anywayz below are the pets that are in the poll.


They are all pretty cool.. But I particually like MimjaJr. Which one do you like?


To View Chobots Blog For The Poll Click


Getting Ready!

Hey Guys. Wassup?? I took a picture of some people getting ready for the pet comp which is in less then 35 mins. I got a pic so here it is: